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Since our launch in 1995, our longstanding workforce has been dedicated to providing a high standard product; to suit all environments and types of commercial property.


At Ventserv, we are able to offer our customers a complete Project Management Service, to suit all requirements. By using our well-established connections with many trade professionals within the industry, we are able to provide a complete turn-key package.


In addition, we can also provide a Planned Preventative Maintenance Service for Fire Suppression and Ventilation Systems, as well as a quick response Call Out Service, to ensure continued operation is maintained, with minimal disruption to the customer. This helps our clients to minimise the possibility of costly loss of business, due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.


Please feel free to get in contact, for further details on services and products available.


At Ventserv, we design and install top quality, Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Fire Suppression Systems, that are fully tailored to our clients needs.

The design, supply, installation and maintenance of our commercial kitchen ventilation and automatic fire suppresion systems have been assessed and registered by NQA against the provisions of:

BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Our Equipment

Commercial Canopies

Ventserv has provided bespoke, custom built, commercial kitchen canopies for 20 years to many customers in the UK and Europe. With our extensive experience in this niche industry, we are able to offer the customer a full range of canopy solutions to meet their kitchen extraction requirements and budgets.


We can provide a complete in-house design service, with give help and advice on what type of extraction canopy would best suit the client's individual requirements.


Our canopies are built to a high standard using high grade stainless steel which meet the necessary criteria demanded by kitchen designers and end users alike. The type and style of kitchen canopy will depend entirely on the cooking equipment in place and level of grease extraction required, but will also be designed with the general kitchen environment in mind.


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Kitchen Ventilation


Ventserv can provide a full ventilation system design for all types of commercial kitchens.


We provide extraction, supply air (make-up air) with either electric heating, low pressure hot water (LPHW) heating or heat reclaim systems, hot/cold comfort cooling systems and various forms of grease elimination, smoke abatement and odour control systems.

We design, manufacture and install a range of ductwork systems from standard galvanised steel construction manufactured to standard DW144 and fire rated ductwork to BS476 part 2.


We also offer a comprehensive range of fans and controls, designed to suit each unique application, including gas interlock systems as required by BS1673.


Please CONTACT US for more detailed information on the systems available.

Fire Suppression 

Ventserv is an authorised installer of the Ansul R-102 surface fire suppression system, which is the most commonly used system for fire suppression in commercial kitchens in the UK.


We design and install each system based on the cooking equipment layout advised by the designer or end user. Each Ansul R-102 system is designed and installed to UL300 code, as set out in the Ansul design and installation instruction manual.


The Ansul R-102 fire suppression system utilises a wet chemical low PH solution that is housed in individual agent storage tanks and is activated either by automatic fusible links located behind the canopy filters, or by means of a manual release station located adjacent to the kitchen fire exit door.


The Ansul R-102 system meets the requirements of LPC1223, which is recognised by local authorities and building insurers and provides peace of mind to the restaurant staff and owners alike.


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